The Welcome Home Package

November 14, 2019

Amanda Gaudet, YegDoula

You just had a baby.

You are discharged from the hospital and on your way home. The new little life is sleeping peacefully in the back seat. You are eager to get home to sleep in your own bed, eat your own food, and rest your healing body.

Imagine your postpartum doula greeting you at the door. Her smiling face brings comfort to you and your partner, because after the long, hard hours you spent bringing your child into the world, you appreciate someone helping your new family get settled and resting.

She’s the person who will tidy things that were out of place when you rushed off to the hospital, to feed you nourishing foods, and to answer any questions you have.

This is the time where you can hand your new baby into trusted arms, then you head to bed with your partner to sleep undisturbed until it’s time to feed your baby. While you sleep, you are resting soundly, assured that your baby is well cared for and when you wake, there will be something for you to eat.

As an Edmonton postpartum doula, I provide this type of care and much more for you and your family. Customized care for your specific needs is what I aim for, whether that be assistance with infant care, postpartum healing, light household chores, meal prep, an ear to listen; whatever brings your the most peace, that’s what I aim to do.



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