Supporting Postpartum Mothers During Covid-19

March 23, 2020

Amanda Gaudet, YegDoula

It is World Doula Week.

This year, it looks quite different for me than in the past. Years prior, I’d be in your home providing you with in person support. I’d be there to care for your new baby while you take long showers and drink a hot coffee. I’d be there to provide meal prep and sibling care. To make your bed and do your laundry. While none of these things are possible during social distancing and self isolation, there ARE things I can do to still provide support to my clients and I am working hard to provide them the unique support they need at this time.

If you have loved ones with newborns right now, you might be feeling helpless and that your hands are tied. You may be wondering how you can be there for them during COVID-19. There ARE still things we can do to support our loved ones.

  1. Send food via grocery delivery services. Don’t forget paper plates! We can’t help with dishes, but we can help make fewer for her.
  2. Offer availability where she can call, text, FaceTime or video chat any time day or night for questions, emotional or prayer support.
  3. As a doula, there are no pictures that are TMI for me. (Sometimes it’s nice to have another set of eyes to help you judge if something is normal or not.)
  4. Amazon Prime siblings something to keep them busy and that is NOT extra work for her. Reassure her that Netflix is totally fine especially if you’re living in a pandemic with a newborn.
  5. Send affirmations. Remind her how strong and capable she is.
  6. If possible, drive to her home to “meet” her new baby through the safety of her window.
  7. Drop off curb side a hygiene care package: dry shampoo, deodorant, face wipes, eye cream, epsom salts, hand lotion, and hand sanitizer … if you can find it!
  8. Send supplies via Amazon prime: diapers, wipes, nipple cream, disposable breast pads, etc.
  9. Make sure she gets her caffeine fix by making sure she has instant and cold brew coffee (Starbucks has great options you can pick up in store).
  10. Send her GoodFood breakfast smoothie subscription so she can have a quick and healthy breakfast.
  11. Encourage her to (or set up for her!) an online baby shower, so people can see what she needs and provide that for her.
  12. Food: Give her a gift card for meal services
  13. Create and curb side drop off a snack pack with protein bars, protein powder, beef jerky, trail mix or nuts, dried fruit, applesauce, wine, and chocolate.

Support during this time may have to look differently that what we’d like; different than what we are used to.

But supporting our loved ones doesn’t have to stop. It just has to get more creative.

My work is all focused around supporting new mothers in their postpartum journey. That is not changing. The method may change, but I’m still as committed as ever to provide support in new, unique and virtual ways.

If you are interested in what YegDoula postpartum support may look like, sign up here to be the first to receive this information!


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