Postpartum Doula Care – Arriving at Dawn

Amanda Gaudet, YegDoula

I come to your home before your house awakes. In the silence of the morning, before the sun rises, your partner lets me in and then leaves for work. The house is calm and quiet, but not for long.

Your baby wakes and I’m there to tend to her needs, so that your need for postpartum sleep can be met. I gently greet her as I lift her from her warm bed. As the slumber leaves her body, a bottle is warming and soon her belly will be full. Changing her diaper, re-swaddling and rocking her back to sleep is something I’m familiar with. I’m there to bounce, soothe, and comfort.

She fusses a bit, I burp her and she settles. This morning my job is to create an environment of sleep for you. The hours tick by as you sleep uninterrupted by feedings, dirty diapers, fussy burping spells, and resettling an infant back to sleep. Your body and mind are soaking in the rest you need.

Your baby is settled and sleeping once again. There’s time before you wake and I prepare the house for your upcoming day. The meal in your fridge is labelled “Crockpot supper for tonight – please start this Amanda.” The pot is laid out and I add all the ingredients.

When you wake, I am there to bring you hot coffee or tea. To make sure you have time to shower and eat breakfast. As you eat, we chat about your upcoming day, and then I change over the laundry and make your bed. I help your other children rise and shine. 

I can do all this and more. I am an Edmonton postpartum doula. This is what I do.


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