Postpartum Doula Care – Arriving in the Evening

Amanda Gaudet, YegDoula

Your partner works evening shifts and the transition is challenging. I stopped at the grocery store on the way over to pick up your order that you just didn’t have time to grab. Naps didn’t go well which made the day feel extra long. Baby is fussy and I can tell you need a break.

You place your baby into my arms. I swaddle him snuggly, pop in his pacifier and bounce. And sway. And rock. His eye droop. You say you need a shower and I encourage you to take all the time you need. While you shower your baby settles and I lay him gently in bed. I know he may not stay sleeping for long, so I quickly put away those groceries and boil some water for tea. There are only a couple muffins left on the counter and I know you like them as a quick snack or breakfast so I make a mental note to make more later tonight.

After your shower I check in with how your day went and if you have anything you need/want done while I’m over. You want to eat and watch an episode of your show. But you want to do it alone. No problem! Since your little one is asleep in his room, I encourage you to pop into bed while I prepare a late supper for you. Dinner in bed with a cup of tea and your show is just that perfect space you need after your busy day.

I tidy, fold laundry, and start those muffins. Baby wakes and fusses. You text me from your bedroom saying you’ll feed him now. I bring you your baby and water bottle and you feed him. All is calm and content. The muffins are in the oven and I put away laundry. Your baby is ready to be burped, changed and put to sleep. It’s been a busy week as you’re adjusting to your partner working evenings, so you ask if I can bathe your baby. Absolutely!

The muffins come out of the oven, you finish your tea, I burp your baby. You head to bed to get some solid hours of sleep before I leave at midnight. You tell me there’s a bottle in the fridge if baby needs to eat before midnight. My favourite baby tools (swaddle and pacifier) are at the ready: I am prepared to care for your little one while you get much needed sleep. Your little one is bathed, calm and being rocked to sleep. The house is quiet and peaceful. 

I can do all this and more. I am an Edmonton postpartum doula. This is postpartum doula support.


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