5 Tips for Keeping Baby Safe and Warm When Going out in Alberta Winters

February 7, 2019

Amanda Gaudet, YegDoula

I hate being cold. Which in turn kinda makes me hate really, really cold snaps. I bundle myself up to my eyebrows and have no shame in wearing snow pants when I walk to pick up my kids at the bus stop. But that’s me! What about our babies?!

There are general rules and guidelines for keeping babies warm outdoors in the winter, but the interpretation of them will depend on the parent, on the baby, on the day and the activity at hand.

The Canadian Pediatric Society suggests that when temperatures (including wind chill) hit the -27 C mark, children should not be allowed to play outdoors. At that point, skin freezes quickly.

Another thing to be aware of it over heating! Overdressing your child can cause them to overheat and start sweating. You do not want this because it can cause a chill. Use layers such as sweaters, fleece, blankets, etc. Do not use scarves as it can pose a choking hazard.

Some organizations recommend infants to not be dressed in snowsuits when they are strapped into car seats, because the bulky outerwear impedes the ability to fit the child into the seat snugly. BUT in Alberta, we still need to keep our babies warm! So, here are some of my carseat safe recommendations

Here are some of my car seat safe tips for keeping baby warm when going out in Alberta winters!

  1. Fleece bunting suit or sweater MEC and Columbia seem to be the most popular brands here in Alberta, but can run at the high price range of $30-$50. Try searching on buy and sell groups or second hand stores to find them for more budget friendly prices.
  2. Hats, mitts and booties. There are so many options available to parents and while I don’t have any real preferences for head and hands, my personal favourite booties are Nooks Designs!
  3. Car seat covers are like a winter coat or sleeping bag that fits snuggly over your baby’s car seat without adding the bulk inside the seat. This is great especially if you’re outside when it’s snowing or windy.
  4. Blankets are excellent for layering especially in extra cold conditions. They are easy to drape on and off when going in and out of your vehicle.
  5. Don’t forget to not overheat your baby! Once you’re safe and snug in your warm vehicle you can remove the car seat cover and blankets.


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