10 Useful Items to Have for Postpartum Recovery

January 3, 2019

Amanda Gaudet, YegDoula

  1. Depends, cotton or reusable menstrual pads Don’t buy anything synthetic or made with plastic webbing. This doesn’t help with keeping the area dry and the plastic webbing can actually snag any stitches you have received. Depends were my best friends after childbirth. They were comfortable and (day or night) I didn’t have to worry about any bleeding leakage at all!
  2. Ibuprofen/Tylenol are both good over the counter, safe to use when breastfeeding, pain relievers. Ibuprofen helps with pain and swelling and lasts about 6-8 hours. Tylenol helps with pain, kicks in fast and lasts about 4-6 hours.
  3. A good water bottle This is no joke. Find a leak proof, diaper bag sized bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. You’ll need lots of water as your recover from your delivery.
  4. Quick snacks Apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, pepperoni sticks, drinkable yogurt, instant oatmeal, granola/protein bars, nuts! So many options! Quick and easy convenience foods and snacks will be your best friend during your recovery.
  5. Peri bottle and epsom salts Having a vaginal birth is tough on your lady parts. Having a peri bottle and epsom salts on hand is very soothing and helps with healing. When urinating, spray warm water from you peri bottle on your vaginal area so that there will be no stinging from your urine. Adding epsom salts to a warm bath can help your vaginal area feel soothed and promote healing.
  6. Nursing tank If you choose to breastfeed, this is such a convenient and worthwhile investment. A nursing tank has the built in bra you need for support and feeding, but without the clumsy and awkward fidgeting of trying to life and hold a shirt while unbuckling a nursing bra and holding it out of your newborns face. Simply unclip the tank and tuck it under your breast. These are perfect for layering. They can be under a hoodie, jacket, sweater or worn alone! You can buy these at your local maternity store!
  7. Nipple cream and disposable breast pads Again, if you’re choosing to breast feed these are a must. Lansinoh cream. You’ll have so much laundry and no energy to do it in the first few weeks postpartum. Save yourself some stress of wondering if you have any clean nursing pads and buy a couple boxes of disposables!
  8. Stool softener Whether you’ve had a vaginal or caesarian birth, stool softeners can be your best friend. The fear of pushing out stool after a few days break is a very real thing, so ask your caregiver if they can give you something to help keep things soft. Drink lots of water and eat some prunes too!
  9. Entertainment Having a baby means you’ll be spending some time at home recovering. Take that time to treat yourself to binge watching something on Netflix or Prime!
  10. Postpartum doula Hiring a postpartum doula is also an option. Her primary focus is (but not limited to) serving the mother as she heals from pregnancy and birth, and help the baby adjust to the world outside of the womb. Her un-biased and non-judgemental knowledge is something that can bring calm and peace to a family and help you seek out any resources you need. Not only is she educated in postpartum and infant care, she can assist with household tasks such as basic housekeeping, laundry, helping prep snacks and meals, holding the baby so the family can nap, helping to care for siblings, etc.

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